Average printing costs

11 May 2019 4:14 PMJackie Anderson

We recommend to get more than one quote. Low costs don't mean low quality in the printing game. There are different types of printers machines. For instance a place that specialises in large print runs will quote you a high price because they won't want to slow their productivity down for a small print run of 50 cards or less. On the other hand you don't want just a basic office printer or at home printer doing the job, you will know if you call a place with such a limited printer as they won't be able to print to the edge of the paper and can only handle paper and not a thick quality card.

We are looking for a local printer with a production printer, ready and willing to take a short run and short turn around time job. They will give you the most cost effective responses. The more you print the more cost effective per item your printing will be as some of the cost is in the setting up of the job.

Prices below are in indication of what you can expect to pay printing on a 250-300gsm card stock. 

Qty 50: $30 - $55
Qty 100: $60 - $75
Qty 150:  $85 - $100

Qty 50: $60 - $120
Qty 100: $120 - $155
Qty 150: $200 - $275

INSERTS (150gsm)
Qty 50: $35 - $65
Qty 100: $70 - $95
Qty 150: $100 - $130

Qty 50: $55
Qty 100: $75
Qty 150: $100

Qty 50 - $75
Qty 100 - $100
Qty 150 - $130


*It is worth getting more than one quote, prices listed above are approximate - add GST.

** Please contact us if you require help getting quotes in your local area.