Content Guide for an Order of Service

9 Jan 2019 8:57 PMJackie Anderson



Deciding on what actually happens and the order of the service usually happens in a meeting
with the conductor. A good conductor will listen to your wishes and guide you with making these decisions. 
Once discussed you can request a summary of their notes and pull out the relevant headings and information
to include in the order of service.

Below is an example of how a service may flow.
There are also many different ways to say the same thing
so it's your personal preference as to what words you use. 

- Entrance Song/Opening Music -
- Welcome/Introduction by Conductor's name/Opening Words -
- Eulogies/Words of Rememberence -
- Tributes by Family and Friends/A Time To Remember (loved ones name)/Memories of (loved ones name) -
- Photo Tribute/Reflection Movie/(loved ones name)'s life in Picture: Song Title and Artist Name -
- Words of Comfort/Prayers for family and friends -
- Words of Farewell/Closing Prayer -
- Closing Song/Exiting Music -

Some services also include a:
- Candle Lighting Ceremony -
- Floral Tribute -
- Committal -
- Song, Readings/Hymns/Verse/Prayer -
- A Live Performance -

A service is as unique as the person you are saying goodbye to
so don't hesitate in discussing your thoughts and wishes with your conductor.
To limit uneccessary changes please ensure you have confirmed the content
with your conductor before sending us the order form.