Post Service Specific Thank You Messages

20 Dec 2018 11:26 AMJackie Anderson

Thank you for your help at (deceased’s name) funeral. Your contribution to the service was a tremendous comfort and very much appreciated. I will forever be grateful for your kindness.

Thank You Pastor /Celebrant/Conductor/Speaker
We were deeply touched by the message you delivered for (name goes here)’s. (Name goes here) was a blessing to our lives and he/she will be sorely missed by family and friends. Thank you for honouring him and capturing his/her spirit with such heartfelt words.

Thank You for the Sympathy Flowers
- Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement, they brightened my day.
- I was so touched when I saw the stunning flower arrangement - you left me speechless! Thank you so much
- Thank you for the gorgeous flower arrangement, my heart is smiling.
- The flowers are just beautiful. Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure. Thank you.
- Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending flowers in honour of [insert deceased’s name] . Your generosity and concern is greatly appreciated.
- Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. As you know, (insert name) were his/her favourite flowers and it's lovely that you remembered.

Thank you for attending (name goes here)’s funeral and also for your generous donation. Supporting the (insert specific) association means so much to our family and it was (name goes here)’s wish that donations were to be made instead of flowers.

As you know (name goes here) always supported the charity and it would have meant a lot to him/her to know that so many contributions were made.