Selecting the right photo

9 Jan 2019 8:44 PMJackie Anderson



Avoid unflattering facial expressions It goes without saying that you want to select flattering images where your loved one is looking their best. A genuine smile and clear eyes open wide, make the best main images.

Select bright, well lit photos Steer clear of photos with dark backgrounds. Go for well lit, light and bright images, good lighting is essential around the face region.

Avoid clutter This could be objects, structures, shapes, colours or textures that spoil the composition by distracting focus from the main subject. Unfortunately placed objects behind a subject can appear to be 'growing' out of the person - stick to photos with a single focus (the person) and clear plain backgrounds.

Avoid crooked lines: Avoid lines that can't be easily straightened without losing important parts of the picture for example a horizon line straightened might make the person look like they are leaning.

Avoid unintentional blur: Even if parts of the picture are sharp, if other parts are fuzzy and it's not clear that they were meant to be that way, it can detract from the photo.

Avoid things creeping in from the edges of the frame: For example, a bystander in the background or distracting vehcile, try to avoid these photos unless the obstruction is easily cropped out.


For our designers to create the highest quality service sheet for your loved one, we recommend using 300dpi digital images, and prefer to receive either jpeg or png images. We understand that sometimes you many not have access to the highest quality images, so we will do our best with what you are able to provide, however all images must be provided in a digital format - printed images must be supplied in a digital format eg. photographed or scanned for uploading to the order form.